Our Contracts

Our litters are registered with the TSSR. We place our puppies under one of two forms of contract, Companion/Pet and Upgradeable.

  • The puppy is determined not to be breeding quality and/or owners have no intent to breed. The dog must be spayed/neutered by 18 months of age. Non-breeding permanent registration will be issued.
  • Puppy is determined to be breeding quality and owners have an interest in breeding/showing. We will be listed as co-owners on your puppy’s temporary registration papers.
  • At 24 months of age, if it is determined that he/she is an appropriate candidate for breeding (based on required health testing, temperament, conformation, etc.), and you still have an interest in breeding, we will execute an Addendum to your Purchase Agreement, and your Shiloh will be registered with a Breed Certificate.
  • BA/CO
    Males – BA
    If your male puppy is upgraded to Breedable status, we will maintain stud rights on him (either indefinitely, or for an established number of breedings), and/or carry the right to have his semen collected and frozen at our expense.Females – CO
    If your female puppy is upgraded to Breedable status, we will receive two puppies back (typically, 2nd and 4th pick) from her first litter.When these conditions are satisfied, we will relinquish full ownership to you.

We reserve the right to modify the terms stated above based on specific breedings or conditions attendant to a given litter or puppy. These will be reviewed in full before a contract is executed.

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  • As always, for more information on our pups, contracts, guarantees, Shilohs or any other questions you may have, please [contact us].
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