So, you have decided to join the Stardust Shiloh family. You have certain expectations of us, as your breeder and in return we have certain expectations of our buyers. We do not disappear after the sale of a Stardust Shiloh Shepherd puppy, you become part of our extended “Shiloh Shepherd” family.

What You Can Expect, Our Support
  • If you wish to show your Shiloh in conformation, we will help you with the basics of getting started.
  • If you are unable to show your dog, we will gladly handle our “grandpup” on your behalf.
  • If you have in interest in any of the many venues that Shilohs and their owners participate in today (Obedience, SAR, Agility, Therapy, Herding) we will point you in the right direction to get started.
  • We are here to answer any questions you may have before AND after adopting a Stardust Shiloh.
  • Our web site is your website. Send us pictures of your pups and their accomplishments and we will happily post them for all to see!
What We Expect, Your Support
  • If for any reason, you become unable to properly care for your Stardust Shilohs puppy or dog, immediately contact us so we can make arrangements for our “grandpup”. In fact, our contract requires we be contacted and the Shiloh returned to us instead of being placed elsewhere.
  • Our commitment to to improving the health and conformation of the Shiloh Shepherd breed demands we collect genetic information from pups of our breeding. For this reason, we encourage owners to test for genetic diseases as provided in our contract, at the owner’s expense.

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  • As always, for more information on our pups, contracts, guarantees, Shilohs or any other questions you may have, please [contact us].
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