GVx2 abdrCH Stardust’s Raspberry d’lite, CGC, TT, HIC

wildeshots-050913-0189aka Razzle
Mar 13, 2008 – Nov 1, 2016
color: light golden sable plush
height/weight: 27.25″ (wicket) 97lbs (24mo)

sire: NS bCH Asgard Samson CGC, TDI, HD1
dam: GVx6 abrCH G&T’s Calypso Sumr Brz Msn-Dxn CGC, TT, ROM

Razzle's Health Testing Results

hips: OFA Good SLH-479G29F-VPI
elbow: OFA Normal SLH-EL272F29-VPI
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA282/15F/P-VPI-ECHO
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH153/16F-VPI
rating: MAW5-5-6G; OTX (Artus) 3G

Her Titles and Achievements
  • 2010  Grand Victrix (GV) Achievement from the TSSR
  • 2010  Grand Victrix (GV) Achievement from the ISSDC
  • Championship (aCH) Achievement from ARBA American Rare Breed Association)
  • Breed Championship (bCH) Achievement from the TSSR
  • American Championship (rCH) Achievement from Rarities/NAKC
  • Herding Instinct Certification (HIC) Achievement
  • Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) Achievement from the AKC
  • Temperment Test (TT) Achievement from the ISSDC 

Learn More About Razzle

We only planned to keep one puppy from the Samson/Calypso breeding, but then there was Raspberry girl, the smallest puppy in the litter, but also the orneriest and most active, with compelling facial features and eyes that never let you go. At four/five weeks Traci noted excessive regurgitation suggesting Mega-e like symptoms. At seven weeks we conducted a barium swallow test that showed pocketing in the esophageal area, and a subsequent visit to a surgeon ruled out any operable stricture.

Since we were not convinced of the severity her condition, we decided keep her (truth be known—she decided to keep us) and provide for the special needs she had (many confirmed mega-e puppies are euthanized by 8 weeks). Over the course of subsequent months, her symptoms decreased. At nine months we had her re-examined by a specialist, including repeat of the barium swallow test, and he issued a clean bill of health. We now believe her earlier symptoms were the result of under/slow to develop esophageal muscles.

At nearly two years of age, she has turned out to be a beautiful female, an almost twin of her favorite uncle, Bizzy. She has a more reserved temperament than the rest of our pack, but is quick to warm up to unfamiliar people after a few minutes of cautious deliberation. Although she did not show until a year old, she quickly made up for lost time, finishing her breed, NAKC International championships and CGC by 18 months of age.

Her Pedigree

NS bCH Asgard Samson CGC, TDI, HD1
bChptd Trillium Petra Our Ajax d’ Laz Trillium Artus Zum Soehrewald CGC, ROM* Xandro Imperial
V, BH, AD Quanti Vom Schloss Birkenstein
Petras Zena Of Zion NS abCH Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion ROM
K-Sura’s Mistie Weather V Zion ROM
NS bCanCH Asgard’s Freyia of Betterways CGC, TDI GV abCH Chateau De Chief’s Shiloh Thor Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach ROM
Shiloh’s Matoaka Pocahantas
bCHptd Chateau the Chief Panda Betcher Bob’s Mountain Goliath Of Zion ROM
bivCH Morris Good Morning Mona ROM
GVx6 abrCH G&T’s Calypso Sumr Brz Msn-Dxn CGC, TT, ROM
GV NSabCH Mason-Dixon Simple Man CGC NS bCH Mason-Dixon’s Pinewood Rebel ROM GV NS bCH Shiloh’s Captain-Caliber Baker ROM
Shiloh’s Grand Elizzabeth
Angelic Phoebe Of Mason Dixon GV abiCH Freestates Orso Of Windsong CGC, ROM
bChptd Hurricane Stand-N-Dixie Of Zion ROM
bChptd CJ’s Mason-Dixon Tuesday’s Gone CGC NS abCH CJ’s Lobo Amado De Windsong CGC, TDI, ROM GV abaCh Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion CGC, ROM
GVx2 abciCH Windsong’s Katrinka D’Shiloh OFA, ROM
NS abCH Abigail Atherton CGC, ROM NS bCH Shiloh’s Sampson Zachary ROM
bCH Lady Jessica Of Zion ROM


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