Our Shilohs

The Stardust Shilohs are descended from championship Shiloh Shepherd lines. Bismarck and Calypso are the highest titled brother-sister combination in breed history. Holders of multiple GV, NS and Best in Shows, they retired as ARBA Master Champions and are both entered in the NAKC Hall of Fame.

The Stardust Shilohs…

The Third Generation “The Baker’s Dozen”, “The Gotham Gang” and “The Macs”

Stardust Shilohs
brCH Stardust’s Standing In The Shadow CGC, TT
meet Shadow of “the Baker’s Dozen”

Shadow is available as Stud to select females

2015 Ivy/Shadow at JnL Pocono Shilohs
2019 Tribute/Shadow at Moon Shadow Shilohs
2019 Riddler/Shadow at Ridgewood Shilohs
2019 Kiki/Shadow at JnL Pocono Shilohs

GV brCH Stardust’s Call of the Wind CGC, TT
meet Mariah of “the Baker’s Dozen

2014 Mariah/Faelan “12 Days of Christmas & a New Year’s Boy
2016 Mariah/Shak “The Noble Warriors”
2016 Mariah/Chancelor “The Stargazers”
2017 Mariah/Chancelor, “Autumn Leaves”
2018 Mariah/Chaba, “The Final 4” 

GV rCH RSS-SD’s Stepping Back In Time, CGC, TT
meet Siam of “The Macs

Siam is our co-own girl and lives with Ridgewood Shilohs

2017 Siam/Sterling
2018 Siam/Rifkin 

Our Fourth Generation 

Stardust Shilohs
NS sbCH Stardust’s Mystic Charm, CGC
meet Mystic of “the Autumn Leaves”

2020 Mystic/Quinn “The QuinNtessentials”

and then there’s…
GVx2 NSx2 bCH Stardust/Ridgewood’s My Fair Lady, CGC, TT
meet London

London is our co-own girl with Ridgewood Shilohs

2019 London/Cole “May Flowers” 

and forever in our hearts:

NSbrCH G&T’s Ridgewood’s Desert Fox CGC, TT, TD
meet Rommel .:. 7/2003–12/2011

2006 Scarlett/Rommel at Star Shilohs

 Loyal, loving and brave to the end

GV NSx7 abrCH G&T’s Semper Fi of Mason-Dixon CGC,TT, TDI
meet Bismarck .:. 10/2002–1/2012

2008 Savvi/Bismarck at Sleeper Shilohs

Loving Uncle, leader of the Arties

frozen semen available to select ladies

Stardust Shilohs
GVx6 abrCH G&T’s Calypso Sumr Brz Msn-Dxn CGC, TT, ROM
meet Caly .:. 2/2004-11/2016

2008 Caly/Samson “The Samsonites
2009 Caly/Chain “The Chain Gang


rbCH Stardust’s Wish Upon a Star, CGC, TT, ROM
meet Cinder from our “Samsonites” .:. 3/2008-5/2015

2012 Cinder/Samson “The Baker’s Dozen
2013 Cinder/Joker “The Gothem Gang
2014 Cinder/Mac “The Mac Icelanders

GVx2 abdrCH Stardust’s Raspberry d’lite, CGC, TT, HIC 
meet Razzle from our “Samsonites” .:.


NSx2 brCH Stardust’s Legacy of Calypso, CGC, TT, HIC
meet Legacy of “The Chain Gang

Stardust Shilohs
bCH Stardust’s Wylde Irish Rose, TT
meet Rose of “The Gotham Gang


bCH Stardust’s Memphis Blues, CGC, TT
meet Memphis from our “Samsonites”



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