Shadow and Bismarck, are available for stud to select females. Shadow via natural and fresh chilled and Bismarck via frozen semen. They have earned bCH (at the least) and passed TSSR required health requirements as well as temperament certifications.

We consider successful breeding to be a collaborative effort with the breeder/owners of the female. We will only enter into agreements when the end result is expected to be breed improvement. Our dogs’ health records are open for examination on request. We willingly make available all information we have regarding their siblings, forebears, and dogs/breedings of similar pedigree. What we don’t know, we will make best efforts to find out.

We consider the litters produced by Stardust studs to be a reflection on us as much as it is the owner/breeder of the dam. Accordingly, we reserve the right to decline contracts where we believe the outcome may contain unacceptable risk.

SS/RSS Gentle On Our Mind CGC, TT, TDI
meet Barron 

Barron is available as Stud to select females .


Stardust Shilohs
NS brCH Stardust’s Standing In The Shadow CGC, TT
meet Shadow .:. 2/2012 ~ 10/2022

Shadow is available as stud to select females via frozen only.

2015 Ivy/Shadow at JnL Pocono Shilohs
2018 Tribute/Shadow at Moon Shadow Shilohs
2019 Riddler/Shadow at Ridgewood Shilohs
2019 Kiki/Shadow at JnL Pocono Shilohs


GV NSx7 abrCH G&T’s Semper Fi of Mason-Dixon CGC,TT, TDI
meet Bismarck .:. 10/2002 ~ 1/2012

Bismarck is available as stud to select females via frozen only.

2008 Savvi/Bismarck at Sleeper Shilohs

Stardust’s Caden, CGC, TD, TDX, VST
meet Caden .:. 4/2009 ~ 5/2022

Caden is available as stud to select females via frozen only.

2014 Cat/Caden at Ranger Shilohs

NSx2 rbCH Stardust’s Rebel Rebel, TT
meet Ziggy – Kentucky

Ziggy is available as stud to select females

2016 Bella/Ziggy at BellaTerra
2018 Anya/Ziggy at Bluegrass Shilohs
2018 Talley/Ziggy at River Crest Shilohs
2019 Ray/Ziggy at Island Shilohs
2022 Ray/Ziggy at Island Shilohs

Wilde Black Bear v. Stardust, TT
meet Yogi – Washington State

Yogi is available as stud to select females

2018 Rosie/Yogi at Salish Sea Shilohs
2022 KaiaJo/Yogi at Evergreen State Shilohs


Stardust’s Night Spell, TT
meet Navarre – Pennsylvania

Navarre is available as stud to select females

2019 Aaraya/Navarre at Private Stock Shilohs


Stardust’s Light My Fire Cole
meet Cole – New Jersey

Cole is available as stud to select females

2019 London/Cole at Stardust Shilohs 
2020 Haven/Cole at Bluemoon Shilohs
2021 Maggie/Cole at Brick Chapel Shilohs
2021 Essi/Cole at Ekhohaus Shilohs
2022 Fable/Cole at Bluemoon Shilohs
2022 Koko/Cole at JnL Pocono Shilohs


Stardust’s Action Jackson
meet Jackson – Pennsylvania

Jackson is available as stud to select females

2018 Kiva/Jackson at Brick Chapel Shilohs
2020 Kiki/Jackson at JnL Pocono Shilohs
2020 Koko/Jackson at JnL Pocono Shilohs
2020 Snow Jackson at Carin’ Shilohs
2020 Jade/Jackson at JnL Pocono Shilohs
2020 Kona/Jackson at Starry Night Shilohs
2022 Penni/Jackson at Ekhohaus


Stardust’s In His Element
meet Cobalt – Pennsylvania

Cobalt is available as stud to select females


KindredSpirit Napakiak v Stardust
meet Kiak – Florida

Kiak is working to complete his health testing

Blue Moon’s Red Cowboy Levi
meet Levi – New Jersey

Levi is available as stud to select females


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