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Welcome to Stardust Shilohs Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully we’ve covered most of the more commonly asked questions by new Shiloh owners. Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. A Stardust Shiloh is a life-long commitment for both you and us.

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How do I acquire a puppy at Stardust Shilohs?

Answer: You may e-mail or call at any time, and we will add your name to the list we maintain of interested buyers for either a Stardust puppy, or a litter sired by a Stardust Stud. Being on the list does not guarantee a puppy, and costs you nothing; it assigns a priority and insures you are one of the first to know of an impending litter. When we have confirmed a successful breeding, we will notify you, and you decide whether you wish to proceed with the application process described below.

If the litter is another breeder, sired by our dogs we will pass you to that breeder, and you will be subject to their criteria for selecting owners.

If the breeding is ours, the owner selection process has three steps:

  1. Completion of a Stardust Puppy Application (located on this website).
  2. A personal interview at our home (phone interviews will be substituted only if circumstances make a visit impossible).At this point, buyers we feel are the best possible candidates will be notified, and a $500 deposit will be taken. $200 of the deposit is not refundable, without exception, if you subsequently decide not to proceed. If we are unable to provide you a puppy due to litter size, or incompatibility in selection criteria (typically gender or temperament) we will: fully refund your deposit, or apply it to a future breeding of ours or our breeder’s pick from a stud arrangement or co-ownership.
  3. Litter selection and placement — Within 14 days after whelping we will advise selected buyers of availability (number of pups, gender), and make an initial selection of future owners.

Before releasing to their Forever Homes (Week 8), our puppies will be evaluated for conformation and temperament and matched to their “Forever Owner.”

Can I pick the puppy I want?

Answer: We make best efforts to meet your preferences on phenotype traits (primarily coat, color, sex), however each breeding is Mother Nature’s mystery until it has been whelped. For example, if you absolutely desire a female, and none are available, we understand and have no problem refunding your deposit and will be happy to work with you to locate another breeding that may be able to satisfy your needs.

What is far more important to us is matching temperament and owners. As Breeders, we reserve the right to determine, who gets a puppy, and which puppy goes where. Temperament is part genetic and part environment. Our owner selection process is designed to help understand your lifestyle, experience, and personality. Our 24×7 observation of the individual puppies in the litter, coupled with our knowledge of the sire & dam and use of standard temperament tests are all the above are designed to insure the best possible matching and placement of Stardust puppies.

At what age will I be able to get my puppy?

Answer: Our puppies leave Stardust when they are 8 weeks old, after they’ve been micro-chipped (Avid), wormed, and have received all necessary vaccinations according to their age.

Can I pick up the puppy on my own?

Answer: For us, having the future owners present at the temperament test and pick up their puppy is not a request, it is a requirement. Would you have your baby son or daughter shipped home to you? We want to meet you, walk you through the selection process, discuss care and training, and answer any and all questions you have about raising your puppy. We do realize on occasion a prospective owner may not be able to be present and will make alternative arrangements.

Can I come over to look at the puppies before they are eight weeks old?

Answer: Puppies are very susceptible to disease and if a virus is introduced, an entire litter may be lost. Visitors may have been visiting animal shelters, or other kennels prior to coming to Stardust and could transmit viruses quite easily. Also, the mother of the pups is usually very protective at this point, and will get nervous knowing that there are strangers near her puppies.

In addition, it is very difficult to evaluate puppies at this age, so the best time to visit the puppies is after they are at least 6 weeks old. At this age they have received their initial vaccinations and their personalities and structure can be judged much easier.

Will my puppy come with a pedigree?

Answer: When you take your Stardust puppy home your puppy packet will include:

  • Your contract and guarantee
  • Pedigrees and photographs of both Sire and Dam
  • Copies of health testing certificates and related information
  •  Photo book of the first 8 weeks of your puppy’s life
  •  Tip Sheets on caring for your puppy, and other goodies

We will complete your puppies Avid chip application the day you pick your puppy up and mail it on your behalf (we are the secondary contact if something should happen).

Application for your Puppy’s Temporary TSSR Registration will be sent to you for completion within 4-6 weeks.

What should I do before I go to pick up my puppy?

Answer: First and foremost, we advocate crate training from the get go when your puppy comes home. Dogs are den animals, and the crate provides them their private go-to space when they choose to rest or “veg out”. Proper crate training facilitates house training, and provides a non-threatening restrictive environment when required (visitors with young children for example). Crating is NEVER used a punishment for misbehavior nor is it acceptable for prolonged periods of time. We recommend collapsible metal crates. We do NOT recommend soft-sided crates. Buy for the size your puppy will require when full grown. Limit your puppy’s space to allow enough room for the puppy to turn around by blocking using a box or manufacturer provided divider. This will facilitate house training and provide the intended cozy, secure environment for which their instincts yearn.

You should set up the crate for your Shiloh puppy in an out-of-the-way place. Make sure it has soft (preferably natural, not synthetic), easy to wash bedding. Have several safe toys, 2 feeding bowls, and food ready for your puppy (we will provide feeding recommendations). We recommend stainless steel bowls. Puppies chew incessantly, especially when their adult teeth begin to develop. In our experience, you cannot have enough safe chew toys and items for them. This will kept their interest diverted from other interesting things, like your furniture, favorite shoes, pocketbooks, etc.

Finally, “dog-proof” your home, just as you would for a child. More than a few puppies, and adult dogs have experienced tragedies by ingesting common household plants, cleaning products, and small items. Shilohs are incredibly intelligent and inquisitive. Our middle boy Rom routinely opens doors and allows himself, and the rest of the Arties, into restricted areas. He has been known to lock doors behind him. Do not underestimate what an intelligent dog, or puppy, can do left to their own devices.

What if I want to show my puppy?

Answer: If your puppy has show/breeding potential, we will take great pleasure in getting you started. If you are unable to handle your dog yourself, we will handle for you. We love to show, and we can’t think of anything more rewarding than to see Stardust progeny carrying their proud champion heritage forward in the conformation ring.

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