Our Affiliations

Stardust Shilohs has affiliations and maintains close connections with the organizations and/or kennels listed below.

Our Registrar

We are affiliated with The Shiloh Shepherd Registry Inc.[“TSSR”], a not-for-profit Shiloh Shepherd specific registry. Working together toward their vision of limiting health and temperament issues through education and the use of temperament and health screenings, the TSSR hopes to continue to make positive strides toward its breeding goals. Gary has served on the Board of Directors of the TSSR since 2006.

Learn more about the TSSR at their [website].

Our Club

Ethical Breeders. Involved Members. Bigger Than Ever.

We also support and are active members in the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club [ISSDC], an independent affiliation of owners and breeders joined together to serve as a common voice to promote the breed, facilitate exchange of information, and support the many venues and activities that Shilohs and their owners participate in.

Learn more about the club at the ISSDC club [website].

Ridgewood Shilohs

Ridgewood Shilohs (Pete/Christi Yonavick and Brennan/Trish Beltz) is a long-time breeder of Shiloh Shepherds located in eastern PA., who first introduced us to this magnificent breed. Christi serves as Registrar and Board Chairperson of the TSSR. Trish serves as Show Director.

Visit Ridgewood Shilohs [website]


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